Trial Attorney

Atlanta, Georgia

1984 - 2014

WILLIS NEWTON MOORE, B.A. 1972, Mercer University; J.D. 1975, Mercer University; Ph.D. 1987, University of Michigan. Member, Order of Barristers, Georgia and American Bar Association, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, Georgia Trial Lawyers Association, International Academy of Trial Lawyers, Who's Who in American Universities. Executive Board, National Association of College and University Attorneys, 1979-1982; Member, U.S. Supreme Court, Supreme Court of Georgia; North and South Carolina and American Corporate Counsel Association. Adjunct Professor, Mercer University 1980 - 1984.

Mr. Moore is a decorated USMC Vietnam Veteran (1967-68). He was selected to be the first in-house General Counsel for his alma-mater Mercer University in 1975-84. Mr. Moore began the private practice of law as a Plaintiff's trial attorney in 1985 and in 1996 became listed in the Martindale-Hubbell Professional Law Directory with its’ highest AV Professional Rating. He has continually been AV rated for the last (17) years. Mr. Moore has been a frequent professional speaker on the subjects of personal injury, wrongful death and medical malpractice cases.

Mr. Moore limits his practice to selective cases which allow his personal attention to each client. He has participated in over 100 trials and never promoted his practice thru television or other advertising media. His practice has covered many States in the U. S.


Below are brief summaries of cases with some special significance. No confidential settlements or verdicts are identified and cases are not necessarily referenced for their dollar value.


Structured Settlement at Trial - February, 1985. Daniels v. McCook, Macon Concrete Pipe Company, et al. State Court of Bibb County, Macon, GA. Wrongful death of a 6-year old female child who was struck by a vehicle driven by a 23-year old male who was illegally passing a school bus.


Cash Settlement - 1986. Pace v. The State of New York and Connecticut. Federal District Court for the Southern District of Connecticut. Collapse of the Myannis Bridge killed twelve persons and injured several others. Two injured Plaintiffs, from Georgia, Mr. and Mrs. Pace, suffered no permanent or paralyzing injuries. The defendant was sued for negligent bridge inspection.


Cash Settlement before Trial - 1987. Moore v. [ ] Trucking Company. Fulton County State Court, Atlanta, GA. 23-year old female suffered a broken hip when her vehicle was struck by an 18-wheel tractor trailer truck.


Cash Settlement - 1988. Jones v. Williams Bros. Concrete. State Court of Fulton County, Atlanta, GA. 3-year old child and his mother were injured when a concrete truck veered out of control striking the vehicle in which mother and child were passengers. The child's injuries were not permanent. The mother was
slightly injured.


Cash Settlement during Trial - 1988. McCormick v. A&E Asphalt Paving Co., Lundy et al. State Court of Bay County Florida, Panama City, Florida. Injured 23- year old female was a passenger in a vehicle which ran under an asphalt paving truck. The unmarked truck was paving the highway after daylight hours. The girl was hospitalized for nineteen days after the accident, after which she continued her attendance in college. (This was a new record in Bay County).


Jury Verdict -- 1988. Meadows v. Heritage USA, et al. Superior Court, Rock Hill, South Carolina. Plaintiff slipped and fell in parking area of Hotel on wet ground. South Carolina had contributory negligent law requiring no recovery if victim is even 1% at fault.


Cash Settlement - 1988. Hampton v. Dailey's Restaurant Plaintiff sustained injury to her knee and back after falling in the Dailey's Restaurant. Defendants were negligent in providing necessary maintenance to customer ramp and failed to give proper warning of hazardous conditions of the ramp.


Jury Verdict - 1989. Berg v. Griffen and Shepards Construction Company. Superior Court, Clayton County, GA. The Plaintiff, a 67-year old male, was injured after his vehicle was struck from behind by a teenage female driver and was knocked into the oncoming lane of traffic. The plaintiff was stopped behind a tractor-trailer truck as it turned off the highway for off-roadway construction work. The female driver was unaware of the construction as no roadway signs were posted. The plaintiff was not permanently disabled. The Clayton County jury returned the verdict after a 6-hour deliberation, setting a new record for a verdict in a Civil Case in this County. (The previous record was under $300,000)


Cash Settlement at Trial - 1989. Baldwin v. The 1842 Inn. United States District Court of the Middle District of Georgia. 43-year old man suffered two herniated discs in his back after slipping on ice-covered steps of a bed and breakfast Inn. A similar incident had occurred on the property the previous year. Plaintiff was a Greyhound bus driver. The defendant vehemently denied liability making no offer before trial.


Structured Settlement - 1989. Law vs. [ ] Trucking Co. Superior Court of Floyd County, Georgia. Tractor-trailer truck ran into Plaintiff's car in an intersection. Truck driver disputed liability. Plaintiff missed less than three weeks of work, though he suffered serious injury.


Structured Settlement - 1989. Tanner v. Lanier Poultry, Superior Court of Hall County, Georgia. Plaintiff recovered for wrongful death of his wife who was killed by a tractor-trailer truck on rural highway in Northeast Georgia.


Cash Settlement - 1990. Price v. McElroy Truck Lines, Inc. United States District Court, Middle District of Georgia. Plaintiff’s tractor-trailer truck struck the rear of the defendant's tractor-trailer truck when defendant pulled onto I-75 South from the emergency lane. Plaintiff reconstructed the accident to show that defendant's tractor-trailer improperly entered the highway causing plaintiff to strike him in the rear.


Jury Verdict - 1990. Sams v. Macy's Department Store United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia. A five-year-old boy was struck by an unstable clothing rack. The case went to trial thirteen (13) years after the incident. Mr. Moore accepted the case in 1989 after two previous attorneys were unsuccessful. The Defendants offered no money until trial.


Cash Settlement - 1991. White v. (confidential medical hospital and physician). Macon, Georgia. Medical negligence case settled without suit for negligence of obstetrician in birth of child who suffered from cerebral palsy.


Cash Settlement - 1992. O'Meara et al. v. Berry et al. State Court of Gwinnett County, Georgia. Wrongful death of 33-year old male following a collision between his pick up truck and a tractor-trailer truck, whose driver was operating the vehicle in a reckless manner. One of the plaintiffs was the common law wife of the deceased, who had drugs in blood system at time of incident.


Structured Settlement - 1992. Waldon v. Sunset Moving and Storage Company, et al. United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia. Eighty-two (82) year old female pedestrian suffered amputation of both feet after being struck by a tractor-trailer truck and trapped underneath its’ front wheels. The lady was in a crosswalk in downtown Atlanta. There were witnesses who said she walked out in front of the truck when her light was red.


Cash Settlement - 1993. Smollen v. Phillips. Superior Court, Rockdale County, Georgia. Plaintiff, who suffered a soft tissue injury, was a passenger in a vehicle which was struck from behind by the defendant's automobile. Property damage to both vehicles was less than $500.


Cash Settlement at Trial - 1993. Seeba v. Metro Ambulance Service, Inc.,
et al. Fulton County State Court, Atlanta, Georgia. Wrongful death of a 33-year old female. The decedent's vehicle was struck in the left front side by a truck and horse trailer which had jack knifed into the lane of oncoming traffic. Five different defendant insurance policies were stacked to achieve the settlement amount.


Structured Settlement at Trial - 1994. McKinney v. Delight Wholesale Company et al. Superior Court of Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia. Four (4) year old boy suffered severe injuries to his right ankle after being struck by a driver who could not see the child crossing the street due to a parked ice cream truck. The child darted out in the street and into the car's path an instant before being hit. The insurance policy limits of both vehicles were obtained just before trial of the case.


Cash Settlement - 1995. White v. Cobb County. Superior Court of Cobb County, Marietta, Georgia. Female plaintiff’s vehicle hit from rear by Cobb County dump truck. Cobb County claimed Governmental Immunity, from any liability or payment.


Cash Settlement prior to trial - 1995. Eib v. Dixon. Fulton County State Court, Atlanta, Georgia. The plaintiff was exceeding the speed limit on a motorcycle when a car turned left in front of him, resulting in a crash causing multiple fractures to his hand, ribs, and foot. Policy limits were only $100,000.


Cash Settlement - 1994. Glass v. Salvation Army. Fulton County Superior Court, Atlanta, Georgia. A ten (10) year old daycare child broke her leg on defective playground equipment. The defendant claimed no liability under Charitable Immunity.


Cash Settlement - 1995. Shoffner vs. Lanier Transportation. Hall County Superior Court, Georgia. Tractor-trailer truck rear-ended Plaintiff’s vehicle, causing injuries which were primarily soft tissue. Drug test administered to truck driver proved positive for methamphetamine.


Cash Settlement - 1995. [ ] v. [ ]Medical Center and [ ]Emergency Group, P.C.. DeKalb County Superior Court, Georgia. Atlanta-area hospital emergency room negligently released fifteen (15) year old patient who subsequently died from lacerated iliac artery suffered in a car accident prior to the emergency room visit.


Cash Settlement prior to trial - 1995. Hector v. Sears Roebuck and Co. Fulton County State Court, Atlanta, Georgia. The plaintiff suffered back and knee injuries after a bench outside the Sears Roebuck and Co. automotive department collapsed as she sat on it.


Jury Verdict - 1996. Miller v. Oh. Fulton County Superior Court, Atlanta, Georgia. Rear-end motor vehicle accident. Defendant's insurance limits were $100,000 with $75,000 offered before trial.


Cash Settlement - 1996. Diggs v. Metpath. DeKalb County Superior Court, Georgia. Sixty-seven (67) year old female ruptured disc C5-6 in this auto collision. Accident occurred in busy intersection where both parties claimed the light was green for their direction.


Cash Settlement - 1996. Gibbs v. Woodall. 97.5% of insurance coverage available was received by this plaintiff within six (6) months of incident, even though liability for this intersection collision was hotly disputed.


Cash Settlement prior to trial - 1996. Davis v. Gooch Moving & Storage Service, Inc. State Court of Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia. The plaintiff was rear-ended by a moving van and suffered a broken arm which healed completely. Plaintiff had $2,500 in medical expenses.


Cash Settlement - 1997. Raymer v. Reliance Insurance Company, et al. United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division. Plaintiff, who was a truck driver, was pulled off the side of the highway sleeping when he was struck from behind by another tractor-trailer truck. Plaintiff suffered a herniated disc in his low back which required surgery.


Jury Verdict - 1997. Banks v. Canal Insurance Company, et al. State Court of Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia. Unemployed, female driver killed in wreck with tractor- trailer truck. Plaintiff and his deceased wife were common law husband and wife from Taylor County, Georgia.


Cash Settlement - 1997. Davis v. Scanlan, et al. State Court of Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia. Female sustained soft tissue injuries from fall down stairs in her rented house. Medical records indicated plaintiff had been drinking. Landlord had been warned to put handrails on staircase.


Cash Settlement - 1997. Cook v. (Chiropractor). The plaintiff was treated by a chiropractor without proper diagnosis or x-ray; a mild cerebral stroke followed this treatment but was not disabling.


Cash Settlement - 1997. Dawkins v. (Dermatologist). A dermatologist caused scarring to forty (40) year old female’s legs in cosmetic treatment for skin blotches.


Cash Settlement - 1997. Andrea White v. Selig Enterprises, Inc. This female plaintiff fell on ice at a shopping center owned by the defendants. She injured her knee from the fall.


Partial Cash Settlement -1998. ________ v. Hospital;________, Neurosurgeon. Plaintiff died following neurosurgery for repair of cervical discs displacement with nerve compression. The defendant hospital settled their portion of Plaintiffs’ claim though the case continues against physician surgeon.


Cash Settlement - 1998. Martin v. Forklift Co. State Court of Muscogee County, Georgia. Forklift operator recovered for injuries received due to a forklift brake failure. Defendant was not Plaintiff’s employer but a contractor for maintenance of forklift equipment. Plaintiff also recovered workers’ compensation benefits and settlement.


Cash Settlement - 1998. Ammons v. M.D. and ______ Medical Laboratory. Plaintiff female was misdiagnosed for cervical cancer by physician OBGYN. Laboratory defendant also missed cancer and pap smear slides.


Cash Settlement - 1998. Padgett v. M.D. Female Plaintiff had elective medial thigh lift and liposuction procedure which became infected causing some bladder compromise and vaginal discomfort.


Jury Verdict - 1999. Wilson v. Sanifill, Inc. State Court of Fulton County, Atlanta, Georgia. Male Plaintiff received nerve injury to rib cage in low-impact collision while driving truck for employer at landfill. Defendant offered $150,000 to settle before trial.


Cash Settlement - 1999. Ray v. Smiley. State Court of Forsyth County, Georgia. Female Plaintiff injured in head-on collision with teenage driver who was on the wrong side of roadway. Plaintiff required surgery to repair vertebral discs.


Cash Settlement - 1999. Bernstein: Barbee v. Speidel Trucking, et al. United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia. Plaintiffs divided this settlement after suit against Missouri truck driver in accident causing wrongful death of the Plaintiffs’ decedents, two elderly females. The trucking company maintained that the limits of their insurance did not exceed $1 million dollars.


Cash Settlement - 1999. Whitehead v. McClure. Policy limits received by Plaintiffs, parents of eighteen (18) year old male killed when the vehicle he was driving was struck by Defendant’s pickup truck. Settlement was accomplished within six (6) months of accident.


Jury Verdict - 1999. Morin v. U.S. Transport, Inc. and Charles David Sharp. State Court of Buncombe County, North Carolina. Male Plaintiff received severe and permanent injuries requiring dental surgery, rotator cuff surgery, discectomy and instrumented spinal fusion involving three lumbar vertebrae when the motorcycle he was operating on an interstate highway was struck by an improperly secured truck tire which fell from a bobtail tractor. Defendants offered $35,000.00 prior to trial after refusing settlement negotiation for over three years.


Cash settlement prior to trial - 1999. Molina v. Griffin and Heisley. State Court of Clayton County, Georgia. Plaintiff was shot in the leg by his ex-wife’s boyfriend on the doorstep to her apartment. The defendant boyfriend was convicted and sentenced to twenty years in prison. Half of the recovery was from Defendant’s insurer which had an exclusion from coverage for intentional acts in the policy.


Cash settlement prior to trial - 1999. Dorothy Smith, et al, Executrix for the Estate of Willard E. Fleming v. Gordon Jensen Healthcare Associates, et al. State Court of Fulton County, Georgia. Plaintiff, Executrix of the Estate and adult children of elderly patient divided settlement after suit was filed when elderly patient, admitted to a nursing home facility, developed decubitus ulcers some three weeks after admission which resulted in his death from sepsis. Case was handled on “premises liability” negligence only.


Cash settlement one week prior to trial - 1999. Thompson v. Shaw Industries and Harold Smith. Superior Court of Whitfield County, Georgia. Plaintiff male received severe and permanent injuries after he was injured in an accident which was caused by Defendant agent of carpet manufacturing operation. Specifically, Plaintiff was outside his disabled vehicle on the side of the road when a tractor-trailer driven by Defendant Smith pulled into the lane of traffic of second vehicle, causing that vehicle to run off the road onto the shoulder and strike the rear of Plaintiff’s vehicle, throwing him some distance and causing back, neck and leg injuries. Final settlement amount was more than nine times the original offer made by Defendants.


Settlement - 2000. Salvatore v. ValuJet Airlines - Settlement for Plaintiff whose family member was killed in the crash of a commercial jet.


Settlement - 2000. Caraway v. Delta Airline’s Worker’s Compensation Insurer, Plaintiff, a 40-year old male Delta ground employee, suffered severe injury of his left leg which resulted in amputation when airplane backed over him at departure gate. This was substantial lump sum worker’s compensation settlement.


Confidential Settlement - 2000. Estate of John Doe v. XYZ Hospital, ER Physician, Plaintiffs’ decedent, a 62-year old retired United States Navy veteran died from misdiagnosis of an abdominal aortic aneurysm.


Jury Verdict - March, 2001. Cloninger v. AutoNation, State Court of Cobb County, Marietta, Georgia. Plaintiff suffered multiple injuries, including a Grade III complex fracture of his left tibia and fibula, multiple fractures in the bones of the foot and ankle and torn ligaments in his left hand and wrist, all requiring surgery both emergently and over the year following the wreck. Plaintiff was riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle and was struck head on by a young parts driver for Auto Nation who claimed that dust particles flew into his eyes just before crossing the centerline.


Settlement - Uninsured Motorist Coverage - April, 2001. Fragogiannis, Nolan v. John Doe. Four (4) adults and two (2) minor children were involved in an automobile accident which occurred as a result of an unknown vehicle dropping a mattress onto the roadway into the lane of traffic. Plaintiff driver suffered head and back injuries with the remaining passengers suffering multiple injuries. Eyewitness submitted affidavit verifying circumstances of event thus satisfying provision for claim against Plaintiffs’ multiple Uninsured Motorist Coverage.


Confidential settlement - June, 2001. John Doe v. ABC Hospital. Male Plaintiff, a 55-year old self-employed contractor, fell on rain-soaked floor in hospital caused by leaking roof while visiting an ill relative. EMG and MRI testing indicated that plaintiff suffered from nerve root irritation at C7-8, T1 which resulted in left upper extremity weakness and occipital nerve involvement contributing to severe headaches and shoulder problems.


Confidential settlement at Mediation - July, 2001. John Doe v. XYZ Corporation. Plaintiff is a thirty (30) year old electrician who suffered herniated disk in fall which occurred as a result of improper maintenance of rental equipment in construction industry. Plaintiff required lumbar discectomy and fusion with cage and pedicle screws at L5-S1.


Settlement at trial - February, 2002. Bilicko Estate v. DOT. Mrs. Bilicko was killed when she drove into the intersection in which a DOT vehicle was approaching, which struck her vehicle. Her automobile insurance paid the DOT driver’s medical bills and some money in settlement. It was successfully argued for Plaintiff that the DOT driver was more than 50% at fault under Georgia’s law of comparative negligence.


Confidential settlement at Mediation - March, 2002. John Doe and Jane Doe v. JohnSmith,M.D. 52-yearoldmalePlaintiffsufferedkneeinjuryrequiringsurgery. Orthopaedic surgeon failed to diagnose and properly treat a post-operative infection which resulted in the development of osteomyelitis and the loss of his patella.


Confidential settlement at Mediation - April, 2002. Estate of Baby Doe v. John Smith, M.D. Physician who practiced at hospital in extreme rural area failed to properly treat mother of Baby Doe during labor, failed to identify distress of the infant through fetal heart monitoring strips, and failed to timely deliver the full-term infant, who was stillborn.


Confidential settlement at Mediation - May, 2002. Estate of John Doe v. XYZ Hospital, John Smith, M.D., ABC Radiology. Plaintiffs settled claim against three defendants at mediation for medical negligence as the result of the retention of a foreign body (lap sponge) during surgery.


Settlement at Mediation - October, 2002. Jane Smith, Individually as natural parent and Executrix of the Estate of Larry Smith, deceased v. XYZ State of Georgia. Mother and Executrix of Estate of adult, unmarried son who was one of two persons killed in a single vehicle accident when the dump truck in which the driver and passenger were transporting for their employer, encountered a deep edge rut on the right shoulder of the roadway, causing the driver to lose control, resulting in the ejection of the driver and passenger and overturning of the vehicle.


Settlement at Mediation - October, 2002. James Jones and Elizabeth Jones v. ABC, Inc., DEF, Inc., and John Smith, Individually. Husband and wife were passengers in a private aircraft owned by the corporate entity and operated by a family friend and business associate when the aircraft crashed during landing during adverse weather conditions in December, 2000 in the State of Illinois. Male Plaintiff suffered severe, permanent and disabling back and neck injuries which required three separate spinal surgical procedures and completely incapacitated him from pursuing his career as a machinist, resulting in extensive loss of income and earning capacity. Female Plaintiff, less seriously injured, recovered of Defendant for medical expenses and loss of consortium.


Settlement prior to trial - December, 2002. Rawlins v. United Parcel Service. Plaintiff was single mother of adult son with severe disabilities whose specially equipped van was a total loss when struck by delivery truck which pulled directly into her lane of traffic from a side street. Plaintiff suffered neck and shoulder injuries which required extended rehabilitative treatment and physical restrictions which diminished her ability to care for her disabled son.


Settlement at Mediation - March, 2003 - Copenhaver v. Willard. Plaintiff, visiting her sister from Texas, was sharing the rear seat of vehicle driven by another sister with her brother-in-law as a front seat passenger when their vehicle was struck in the passenger side by teen-aged driver from Tennessee who ran a stop sign on a rural North Georgia highway. One sister was killed, and the remaining family members suffered severe injuries. Insurance coverage for the teen-aged driver was minimal and completely inadequate to compensate for the fatality and debilitating injuries of Plaintiff. Multiple lawsuits resulted and the case was mediated among the parties utilizing the liability insurance coverage and the combined Unisured Motorist coverage of all family members in the vehicle driven by Plaintiff’s sister.


Settlement prior to trial - March, 2003 - Lyons Estate v. J&J Transfer, et.al. Plaintiffs’ elderly mother was the passenger in a vehicle driven by Plaintiffs’ sister who made a left-hand turn into an intersection and was struck in the passenger side by dump truck operated by defendant’s driver. Plaintiffs’ mother and sister were killed. Defendants alleged contributory negligence on the part of Plaintiffs’ family member. The truck driver was not issued a traffic citation for any driving error.


Settlement at Mediation - March, 2003 - McKenzie Estate v. PC Trucking, Wal- Mart and Williams. Plaintiffs’ decedent was a 42-year old single mother who was employed as a nurse. On the date of this collision, Plaintiff was driving her son to a dental appointment on a Georgia interstate highway and encountered slowing traffic during a holiday weekend. Plaintiff brought her vehicle to a complete stop, as had the vehicles ahead of her in all lanes of travel. Defendant driver, an independent truck driver brokered out of Florida and a dedicated driver for Defendant Wal-Mart could not stop his 18-wheel vehicle behind the stopped traffic, losing control and jack-knifing the truck across the lanes of traffic ahead of him, causing a chain- reaction accident involving more than fifteen (15) vehicles. Plaintiff was killed and her son suffered physical, mental and emotional injuries. There was no evidence that the Wal-Mart truck made any contact with the Plaintiff’s vehicle.


Settlement at Mediation - May, 2003 - Stamper Estate v. DOT. Plaintiff and her husband, a much beloved and respected Minister of Music at a large Orlando, Florida church, were traveling in South Georgia on an interstate highway during a rainstorm en route to visit family in North Carolina. Plaintiff’s husband was the restrained driver and Plaintiff was a restrained front-seat passenger. Just after traversing a bridge, the vehicle suddenly struck a large accumulation of water upon the surface of the roadway, causing the vehicle to spin out of control, across the center median and head-on into an 18-wheel tractor-trailer traveling in the opposite direction. Plaintiff’s husband was killed and Plaintiff suffered serious injuries. Plaintiff alleged faulty design and maintenance of the roadway, claims which were supported by prior incidents at the same location.


Confidential Settlement at Mediation - July, 2003 - Garcia Estate v. ABC Textiles and Smith. Plaintiffs’ twenty-month old son was restrained in his safety seat in the rear seat of vehicle on an outing to the park with his babysitter and two friends traveling on a divided highway in North Georgia. Defendant Smith, driving an 18- wheel tanker truck for Defendant ABC Textiles attempted to change lanes from outside to inside lane into the lane of traffic of the vehicle in which the child was a passenger, clipping the rear driver’s side of the small vehicle with the right front of the tanker truck. The impact caused the small vehicle to careen out of control, across the lanes of traffic and head on into a landscaping truck traveling in the opposite direction. All four persons in the small vehicle were killed as a result of the collision; the tanker driver was not injured. Plaintiffs’ son was trapped in the vehicle for approximately twenty-five minutes, all the while receiving emergent medical treatment from responding medical personnel which continued en route to the hospital and for some period of time upon arrival. The child’s injuries were so extensive that he could not recover and he died approximately one hour after the collision.


Cash Settlement-2004. Kirkland et al. v. Manufacturing Inc; United States District Court, Northern District of Georgia. Wrongful death settlement resulting from defective bucket lifts during power line repairs.


Cash Settlement- 2004. Zimmerman v. State Farm/ Uninsured Motorist Coverage: stacking of multiple insurance policies to compensate a female , single parent, injured in auto accident. This client had no medical insurance and liability coverage was limited to $ 25,000.00 per vehicle.


Cash settlement-2004. Whisenhunt v. Hardees Restaurant: male telephone company worker falls on grease from overflow of a storage container which defendant failed to warn or remove from parking lot surface. Client required surgery for injuries.


Cash Settlement-2005. Adams v. Smith (Gwennett, County GA) Female driver and her minor children injured in two car collision Defendant driver was not cited for traffic violation in this incident.

$ 2,065,000.- 4,000,000.

Structured Settlement-2005. Hubbard v. Trucking Co. Wrongful death of truck drivers’ mother and brother. This case was against one of the largest Insurance and Trucking companies in the, U. S. and is one of the largest settlements for a truck drivers’ family in Georgia. Case settled during litigation in Cobb County,



Mediated Settlement-2005. Confidential complaint against a National Drugstore Chain for improper medication. Plaintiff was dispensed chemotherapy in a blood pressure bottle.


Settlement at Trial-2005. Izzard v. B&E Personal Care Home. Plaintiff a resident was mistreated in personal care home sustaining injuries. (Cobb County, Georgia).


Settlement at Trial-2005. Broadnax v. Auto Parts Inc. Plaintiff was a professional truck driver who slipped and fell in the store from improper substance on the floor, while he was buying oil for his truck.


Settlement-2006. Cliett v. Pharmacy, Plaintiff was dispensed incorrect medications at his local pharmacy on separate occasions causing hospitalization. Pharmacy (defendant) destroyed evidence of their mistake.


Settlement-Mediation 2006. Turner v. Farm Bureau, Plaintiffs’ well-water was contaminated from adjacent landowners’ negligent construction of a farm animal feed lot near property line.


Settlement (cash plus structure)- Mediation 2007. Cobb Long v. ATV Manufactures, Plaintiffs’ were injured when defendants ATV malfunctioned due to

faulty throttle cable. Incident occurred in Fannin County, Georgia.


Settlement-Mediation 2007. Lawton v. M. D., Defendant physician failed to order proper test at emergency room for subdural hematoma of Plaintiff. (Whitfield County, Georgia).


Settlement-Mediation 2007. Adams v. Insurance Co., Plaintiff on Harley-Davidson injured when 84 yr. old defendant negligently turned at intersection.


Verdict-2008. Greco v. Sykes, Plaintiff wrongful death when hit by drunk-driver in pedestrian accident in Hamilton County, TN.


Settlement-2008. Pilcher v. U. S. Express Trucking Co., Plaintiff injured when trailer caused driver to cross center-line. Plaintiff initially cited for accident. (Whitfield County, Georgia).


Settlement-2008. Ciappio v. Hilton Head Isle Resort, Plaintiff injured when slipped on algae formation at outside shower on South Carolina Resort property.


Settlement-2008. Plaintiff v. XYZ Auto Repair, Plaintiff injured in a slip and fall at auto repair.(Hall County, Georgia).


Settlement-2008. Boartfield v. Allstate Insurance Co., Plaintiff injured in auto accident suffered soft-tissue injuries.(Cobb County, Georgia).


Settlement-2009. Broom et al, Plaintiff female pharmacy school student suffered broken pelvis in automobile wreck in state of Florida.


Settlement-2009. Boyd, Baxter v. AIG Insurance, Plaintiff injured in automobile accident. Several months after a surgical neck fusion the male Plaintiff died from polypharmacy complications.


Settlement-2009. Blackburn v. et al, Plaintiff male injured in automobile wreck in Hall County. Plaintiff continued work as auto mechanic after the collision.


Settlement-2010. Jahr v. M. D., Plaintiff male suffered permanent injuries from negligent surgery.


Settlement-2010. Patel v. AIG Life Insurance Company, Plaintiff male initially denied life insurance based on failure to disclose material condition.


Settlement-2010. Coffey/Thomas v. et al, Plaintiff female injured foot in South Carolina Automobile collision.


Settlement-2010. Bryson v. State Farm Insurance Company, Plaintiff female injured by automobile driven into her, in her driveway.


Settlement-2011. Moser v. , Mrs. Moser injured in auto accident in her home state of California. Mr. Moore represented Mrs. Moser in 1986 in a Georgia auto accident.


Settlement-2011. Coffee V. , a minor child was killed in auto accident in Gilmer County, Georgia. Settlement achieved via complex stacking of multiple auto policies from extended family members.


Settlement-2011 Maney v. , a N.C. female killed when elderly neighbors auto crossed center-line due to medical emergency. N.C. contributory negligent defense of medical emergency was strong impediment for plaintiff.


Settlement-2012 Moser v. CA, Mrs. Moser was a client of Mr. Moore in Georgia in 1986. After moving to CA many years ago, she called Mr. Moore to assist in her CA auto accident.


Settlement-2012 Walls v. , MD and Hospital; A teen-age girl injuries her knee at school. Her orthopedic physician fails to diagnose and treat a joint infection called osteomylitis.


Settlement-2012 Pierce Estate v. Aviation, Settlement of Policy Limits in private plane crash in Elijay, GA.